Pressed Sequins.

My lovessss !!! Once again happy new month. Hope you all had a great weekend. I know..I must certainly did. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a gala that was put together by one of the leaders of my church in honor of his 50th birthday. I had such a blast. Great food, great music, and of course being around people that warm my heart with much laughter is my idea of having a good time. My look was pulled from ASOS. 

Now I will admit, that I do not typically buy dresses from that website but I was desperate and very glad that I was able to find this dress with such short notice. My original dress that I purchased from literally a random website was not as described online. Couldn't wear it to this event ..So I had to make it work with this dress. Hope you all love my look. This dress and a similar one can be found on the link below. Once again, I would like to apologize for the picture quality..still working on getting a much better camera with a better lens before the year runs out. I truly appreciate your you guys very much..Xoxo

Original Dress..... Here

Similar Dress...Here