I’m Floryn, a 25 year old future pharmacist from Massachusetts. I entered the world of blogging in the fall of 2014. My blog originally was my outlet from the craziness of school. I needed somewhere I could go to express some of my true interests; which are fashion, the things of beauty, traveling, foods, and photography. 

Ultimately, I am hoping to become better than my former self. I have many goals, dreams, and visions for my future. I want to be a source of hope and comfort for others.  I desire to change the world with my success and prosperity. 

I want to leave my mark in the lives of many before my journey in this life comes to an end. I truly have faith that all these things shall come to pass.So without further a do. I hope you all enjoy my blog and I am looking to inspire others to find their outlet in life as well; to go after and hold on to the things that make your heart warm.

Thanks for stopping by and come again soon..xx


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