Floryn's X-MAS List

Tis the season !! My favorite time of the year has come all over again. Very happy about that. I decided to create a "wish list" of all the things that I would want for christmas. So lets say we lived in "Floryn's world" (only for a brief moment.. Haha.)..these are the items that I would love to see under my imaginary christmas tree..I have hope for the near future that one of these items will be in my precious hands..Lol

Anyway, So sorry for the disappearance. I'll say that life has been catching up with me and my time seems to be very limited these days. I just recently celebrated my #Birthday yesterday with someone that is very dear to my heart. I am officially in the #25 and older club.. Lol.. but I don't feel 25 years it really hasn't hit me fully but none the less I am very grateful to God for adding yet another year to my life. 

Now no worries, I will celebrate even more this weekend and give you all pictures to feed your eyes with..Haha..(don't mind me) but I hope everyone has been doing good.. Also, my camera (Sony Alpha a5100) that I have been longing for is on the way to me very soon..So that means better quality pictures ..Yayyy!!!...I am so ready to take this blog of mine to another level (its about time right..Lol)..

Before I bring this post to a close. I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for the continued support and love concerning this blog of mine...I truly appreciate it.. I am close to over 12,000 views already..Grateful and I thank God for everything. 

So stay tuned into me my loves.. Xoxo