Fall Fashion (Do's & Don'ts)

Hey loves !!! Hope everyone is having a great week thus far. My favorite time of the year is here once again #FALL and of course that means the world of fashion is about to turn all the way up. However, some styles should just never come to light in my personal opinion but hey, who am I to judge. Lets go through these looks..shall we :)

The first look. I absolutely love love LOVE ! Simple and Chic. I would wear this look anytime and any day. This would be classified as a fashion #Do in my book.

This look would be a fashion #Don't. Why ??..Mmmm.. I mean for me its way to over the top to just be walking up and down the street. The bag is a #Yes for me though.. but everything else is a no no no. However,  I'm sure some of you would disagree with my

FRINGE .. All day everyday... but in this case... these looks would have to be a fashion #Don't. I love fringe but it has to be done in a certain way, so that it doesn't come off tacky and tasteless. 

FRINGE..once again.. but this would be a fashion #Do in my book.. I absolutely love the textures of the fringe layers on this outfit. Very neat and well put together.

Fashion #Do..especially with those jackets.

Fashion #Do and #Don't in my book. Haha. I love jackets, especially trench coats but I don't know how I feel about a super oversized trench coat. I do not personally own any oversized trench coats. So I cant say for sure if I am for them or not... Mmm...I guess only time will tell..Okay, moving on.

Fashion #Do. These guys are def making there own statement with these looks. Fellas, please take detailed notes ..Lol

Fashion #Do.. bold but yet settle and clean. Love this look !

Fashion #Do ..All the freaking way !!!

Fashion #Do..He reminds me of that song #ClassicMan by Jidenna..Haha.. please just ignore me. 

Fashion #Do all the way as well.. The color grey seems to be one the rise this season (well at least thats what my friends have been telling me lately..Lol). 

I would love to hear any and everyone's opinions/thoughts on these looks. Please leave your lovely comments below. Thanks for visiting my page.. Love you guys..Xoxo