Fashion Week : YEEZYYYYY

Hello my loves!! Hope everyone has had a blessed week. I'm back again bringing to you all my thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. on whatever I come across from my social media. Sooo with that being said, I'm sure you all have been following the latest designs and designers that have been showcasing at fashion week and of course we all could not wait for Yeezzy aka Mr. West aka KimYe aka (I don't know anymore of his nicknames. lol) to showcase his designs.

I will say that I truly appreciate his creativity and originality when it comes to his collection but I do kinda feel like its similar to his Season 1 collection. I just wished he would have switched it up a tad bit. Kanye is someone that def doesn't follow trends. He sets them. His mind and the way he thinks is not even on this planet. So I would have expected him to really bring it this time around but instead he decided to play it kinda of safe. I thought I would have me at the edge of my seat to be honest. Owell, maybe next time. 

What did you guys think of his season 2 collection ???