A Woman’s Hair = Her Glory

In Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair," Maya Angelou says, "Hair is a woman's glory.”A similar statement was quoted in the bible; "If a woman's hair is abundant, it is a glory to her” (I Corinthians 11:15). Those same quotes have truly stood the test of time.

Black hair (specifically) has come a long way I must say. The hair of an African American woman has evolved so much over the years and I know this  because I am speaking from personal experience. So many memories are coming to me right now as I am writing this post. Chaii !! (meaning “God”). It was always trial and error when it came to my hair especially during my much younger years. From a shaved head, to braids, coloring, going natural, to wearing weave. You name it, I have most likely tried it on my hair. Until, I decided in my very early twenties to just stick with wearing weave because it didn't take much effort for me to maintain (maybe because I use Brazilian hair and it requires minimum work). 

The power of “Weave”; indeed it holds a lot of power and I honestly feel like it can make or break someone now a days. It has the aptitude to make you look like a totally different person; I know it does for me. I always get that extra “Umph" , that extra “pep in my step” from wearing a weave! okay, let me stop..Hahah!. But seriously, black women and weave will forever be the best of friends and nothing will ever break that bond. So ladies, let us all embrace this journey that we as black women have been on and see what the future weave has in store for us..