NewBury Blues.

Blondie for the Summer.. Well, half a blonde at least  =)

I wish I could honestly say that I did walk out of #Zara with these bad gals but my bank account was telling me that I couldn't do it..So it was on to the next !

 Quote of the Day: "If its Broke..Fix it"
Top: XXL | Pants: BooHoo | Sandals: GoJane | SunGlasses: ALDO
Of course my day would NOT have been complete if I didn't go to my favorite #ThaiBasilRestaurant to enjoy this lovely salad 

Legal Rights for Women.
Sun kissed from the moment I stepped out of my car, I looked around and saw nothing but life. Today, was going to be the kind of day that I would just enjoy the "View" with no cares or complaints because moments such as this are never lasting...