Street Black-Shion.

Please don't laugh at the title guys because there is a deep-rooted meaning behind the word #Black-Shion. Mmmm okay not really..Lol.. But the translation is quite simple. #Black-Shion simply means when your wardrobe or your outfit has a touch of the color black incorporated into it. I have noticed and I am sure you all can agree with me that with every outfit we throw on, someway.. somehow... black seems to find its way on to our lovely bodies without us even realizing or thinking about it sometimes. Now is this a good or a bad thing? I honestly wonder. For me at least, I use any and every opportunity that I can to incorporate the color black into my everyday outfits.. Why??? you may ask ...because the color black is easy and effortless for me. I don't have to think much or do much and that's what I like whenever I am getting dressed. I love my outfits to be super chic but yet simple… and the color black always allows me to embody such a look. So with that being said …to all my “I must have the color black in all my outfits” don’t be ashamed.. stand tall and be proud !! Lol..Xoxoxo