C.A.K.E. F.A.C.E (No Make Up…but Why??)

For some people, make up seems to enhance their natural beauty. For others, make up can perform miracles like no other.. Come on ladies; you know its the truth. Don't get me wrong, I love makeup and I am a firm believer in looking your best at all times no matter what. But does that mean we should always hide behind our makeup ?? I mean, I wear my makeup from morning to night; and very rarely will I leave my home without it. 

Then it got me thinking…do I truly hide behind my makeup? Someone actually has asked me that question before and I couldn't give that person an answer right on the spot because I was kind of caught off guard. I said “what kind of question is that ??”

Now here I am faced with that same question again…and if I am being completely honest with answer is half and half meaning: Yes and No..Hahah!! Thats my honest answer though.. I never said I couldn't leave my house without makeup, I just prefer not to. 

Those that feel the “need” to wear makeup, I would have to say maybe that individual is suffering from some mild to severe skin problems.. like acne (which is a common one) and the reason why I may throw on a little more makeup than normal when I am trying to hide from my own natural skin.

But for those who “want” to wear makeup, I would say the obvious reason is for enhancement of there natural God given beauty or maybe they just love that flawless finish.

I could go on and on but at the end of the day; the way makeup is used all over the world is set and stone; so lets all just embrace it. Lol...and wait to see how makeup will continously reinvent itself in the coming future..Oooh the anticipation…xoxo