Broken Smile.

Unexplainable feeling
No, more of a wanting
To help everyone…
…but ourselves

To listen
And to just simply understand the problems we hear
To take away all of the pain that we endure as humans

Why must we all suffer?
We can’t we all have the ability to save?
And yet, we go on living each day
 As if everything is okay
As if we are happy
As if we don’t notice how society’s problems overwhelm our sight
The sight that is blurred by our attempts to numb our minds to the point of where we stop living
But just exist

Looking and thinking about all of the “dusty corners” of life can devour our thoughts
To the point of where we are driven to the brink of unrestrained insanity
We must fiercely value the things that allow us to grasp happiness
We must notice and take in the moments of life where we feel empowered…
…and infinite
“We are infinite” 

A limitless word
Has no beginning or ending point
Breathing it in is an unearthly feeling
Understanding its meaning is a skill that must be aquired
Applying its power to your life
…well, that’s when you have actually felt what it feels like

The sensations and sparks start to accumulate in your chest
Your hands start to sweat
Your mind begins to race too fast for words
You wonder if what you feel can still be considered a feeling that is “earth-bound”
You collide with the moments in life that feel
And you feel as though maybe the worst moments of life may not be so bad anymore
Because you hold these memories,
These keepsakes
That stay with you forever
And remind you of the delicate times
Where you truly felt