The Art of African Fashion.

African Fashion has truly evolved over the years. So many stories are told everyday with the many colors, patterns, and the different kinds of fabrics that are used. Some designs are effortless and very crisp to the eye; other designs you can tell took a lot of hard work to bring that creative dream to a reality.  

I always wondered how the mind of an African designer functioned. Especially the ones that are able to take a plain piece of material/fabric and turn it into an unending story or shall I say a master piece that money cannot buy. Truly it’s a gift from God that cannot just sit in the shadows awaiting to be brought to light because these designs shine on their own without the need for press.

African Fashion is L.O.U.D, always screaming to be heard, screaming for attention, making the kind of noise that you want to ignore so bad but your eyes and ears say no !! Your whole being is saying feed me more and more until I cant take it. I applaud and have so much respect for all African Fashion designers because they continuously take me to a place of artistic insanity. So I will never let go. Thank you and please don't ever stop….xx