Wedding Bells ---> Bachelorette --->Atlantic City

SOOOOO..... I want to say that I had an amazing and awesome time with these girls. Congrats to my good friend Mylin (who is the bride to be). I really wish I could have went to her wedding in Vietnam but the money isn't all the way up there yet..LOL.. but in due time it will be. Anyway, the night of course was filled with much laughter and much surprises, (that I shall not disclose to much about because I do not feel like being judge by you kidding. honestly though, it was a night to remember not just because we all came together to celebrate and support Mylin but because we were able to be so comfortable and free with each other.. A little to free I might all in all I feel truly lucky to have met these wonderful chicas and like always I cannot wait for the next time.XOXOX