(Fun Facts About…”Yours Truly”)

I love _God, My Family, My Friends, to be loved by the people that matter____
I believe things happen for a reason, people will come and go for a reason_____
I am a third   year pharmacy student    
I am happy when I am in the midst of great company_____
I feel comfortable in NOTHING_____
I need to _do a lot with my life (and I will)____
I think that everything around me is a facade_____
I have an instinct about a lot of things_____
My dreams are going to come to reality someday_____
It is important to not become Idol or complacent, (never settle)_____
I am upset about _a lot of things (just
I am joyful about _life itself____
I am waiting until _I get married____ before I _have amazing sex____
I am in love with _people that make me laugh____ because _laughter is peace____
I am grieving about…currently: nothing (thank God) _____
I am concerned that __the up and coming generation is only getting worse___
I am conflicted by societies morals and values ___
I am confused about why good women will settle for shitty men _____
I am angry when I see that someone has so much potential to do great things but doesn't see it in themselves___
I am sorry about __the tragedies of this world___
I am interested in _the things of Beauty and Fashion____
I am thrilled by _risk takers____
I would like to be _a billionaire but ill settle for millionaire status..lol____
I would like to have _my own extended walk inn closet filled with so many designers____
I would like to change _the world____
I am scared of nothing #FearLess___
My most secret desire is _to fall so deep in love that it hurts to let go..even for a moment____
I like it when _people dress to impress____
I dislike it when __others are rude and mean for no reason___
I love how __a real man smells___
I hate it when __things don't go as planned___
I have the strangest feeling that __I am going to be caught up in some weird love triangle (God forbid of course)___
I know that I cannot _live __an ordinary lifestyle __
What no one realizes about me is __I am more than my physical outward goes far beyond___
I see __far and near___
I find it easy to _love____
I find it hard to __let go___
I am at my best when _I am all dolled up from head to toe___
I can do ___all things through Christ that strengthen me__
I am tired of __routine things___
I am excited by the simple and finer things in life_____
I hope that __I get to travel to many many countries and cities ___

My destiny is __to change the world___