Red Block

Hello Hello. How is everyone??? New beginnings has been ringing in my ears for the past few weeks only because I AM GRADUATING !!! Words cannot express how grateful to God I am. 

The journey has been long and trying but my Jesus has been VERY faithful through it all. I still feel a bit numb to everything that is going on (which includes me finding a job, searching for apartments, planing grad-cation, studying for boards, and looking for a new car as well, etc). Yup, its a lot folks but I wouldn’t trade this moment in my life for anything. I feel like I am truly living my best days.

Transitioning from school world to real world is going to be interesting. I honestly don’t know what to expect but I trust that my God will make the path clear and straight for me. I am beyond excited for my future because I know its going to be very bold and bright. 

Much success and prosperity lies ahead for me, so I must be ready to respond to whatever duties / tasks / roles / or responsibilities that God will place in my hands or heart. I cant wait to make more and more of an impact on the lives of many all over the world. Oh yes, think big and dream big. I must die empty, fulfilling all of what God has placed me on this earth for. Thanks for stopping by...until next time..Xoxo

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