Hello my faithful lovers!!! Haha. How is everyone?? I know it’s been kind of a longtime since I have graced you all with my presence on here. My apologies; I actually do not have an excuse this time around (shocking I know! Lol). To be honest my consistency at this point will be dependent upon the availability of my photographers. Currently, we are trying to figure out a schedule that will work out on both ends. Also, I am still working on putting up a video so that I can be a little more interactive with you guys. Please bare with me, I will try to have the video up by this weekend (fingers crossed..Lol)

My look today completely speaks for itself because I literally had "nothing to wear". So I put together something quick and fun. I hope you all like it and thank you for the continuous love and support. I currently have over 16,000+ views on my page. I am very grateful to God and thank you all once again for riding this wave with me. Love you all very much. Stay blessed. Xoxo

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