My Beauty Faves.


Hello my loves, How is everyone doing ? Are you all enjoying your weekend?? For me this weekend has been super chill. I decided to use this weekend to have some "Meee Timeee"..Haha.. Those are always needed once in awhile. Anyway, I decided to share some of my beauty faves with you all. 

Very often I get asked about my skin regimen and make-up products that I like to use (especially when it comes to my foundation). I will say that I like to be pretty simple and inexpensive. I don't feel like I need to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on my skin. I like to keep it simple and minimal. 

Above, are some Clinique products that I like to use on a daily basis. A few years ago, I had really bad acne and it was really bothering me physically and emotionally. One day, I was hanging with my friend (this was in undergrad) and I went to her room and saw all these Clinique products in her bathroom cabinet. She suggested that I try some of the products above. Ever since that day, I have never tried any other brand because these products get the job done for me.

Now for my make-up faves. I have always been a MAC girl. Only recently,  I decided to venture off to other beauty brands such as Elf or NARS. I do love these products. Once again, these products
more than get the job done for me on a regular basis. Better Than Sex mascara is at the top of my list because it saves me from having to glue on fake eye lashes and that ladies and gentlemen is a huge plus for me..Haha..Well thats all I have for today loves. Please stay tuned because I have a photo shoot coming up and I can't wait for you all to see what I have in store. Love you all very much. Stay blessed..Xoxo