F.A.C.E to F.A.C.E

Okay ladies, its time for a little makeup tutorial. Today we will focus on the F.A.C.E and I’ll share with you all some of the products that I like to use on a daily basis. 

For foundation, I love to use MAC (Studio Fix Fluid, my color is NC50) and I have been using it for a while now. MAC definitely allows me to take my look from morning to night. 

Side Note: Before I apply my foundation I like to use Elf primer (when I remember to use before I apply the foundation.

However, I am starting to cross over to Lancome because I love the cooling effect on my face. My skin has never felt so smooth and soft. 

Now I must admit that I tend to have bags under my eyes when I wake up in the morning but I thank God for L.A. Pro-Girl Conceler; to give me a quick fix ! I bought mine from the local hair store up the street in my area, but I am sure you should be able to find them at your local hair stores or you can order them from #Amazon or #Ebay.


I apply my foundation with 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush from MAC

187 Duo Fibre Face Brush

However, sometimes I will use the little angled makeup sponges from Walgreens or CVS 

Foundation ✔️. Moving on to the blush; I use CoverGirl “Cheekers Blush" because it gives me that natural makeup look. My go to shades are always "Plumberry Glow 140" or "Classy Pink 110”.

CoverGirl “Cheekers Blush"

Foundation ✔️, Blush ✔️, Now moving on to my eyebrows. I just outline them very lightly, since I regularly get my eyebrows threaded every 2-3 weeks. I may however, highlight them from time to time using the L.A. Pro-Girl Concealer and the tip of my beauty blender. I use NARS Brow Perfector. I just love how it goes on so smooth and helps me to maintain  the arch in my eyebrows.

Foundation ✔️, Blush ✔️, Eyebrows ✔️, Mascara is next on the list. I use #BetterThanSexMascara as I have mentioned before in a previous post. This mascara always gets the job done by giving fun filled, long, and thick eyelashes throughout the day and all thru the night. Don't waste time ladies, this is a must buy.

Foundation ✔️, Blush ✔️, Eyebrows ✔️, Mascara ✔️..Last but certainly not least…Lips !! I could never forget to finish my look off without adding a splash of light or dark color on them. I typically will use and (don’t laugh at me Beauty Rush Lipgloss in a light pinkish color from VS (Victoria’s Secret) or I will use NARS “Belle de Jour” (sheer nude beige). NARS always gives me full-bodied lips throughout the day.

                                           Beauty Rush Lipgloss                            NARS “Belle de Jour”

Okay my loves, all done. That’s my check list for my face on a day to day basis. 

Now I know many of you like to contour, and so do I. But I only contour when I’m going to an event; not to go to my classes that are across the street from my apartment…Haha… I will introduce a few of my contouring tips and the products I use for contouring in a future post..So stay tuned…Xoxox