Ómi Swimwear

My dearest loves..
I would like to welcome you to the new era of swimwear  
Allow me to be one of the first but certainly not the last to introduce to you all... 

Ómi Swimwear 

Ómi Swimwear is fused with bold designs and prints that incorporates patterns of diversity from cultural influences around the world.

Ómi Swimwear expresses boldness, passion, intelligence, beauty and is designed for the modern day woman with a sophisticated sense of style.  

Ómi will mainly gear its attention to one-piece swimsuit creations; with high
 quality material imported from Italy. The brand will produce fabric designs that are unique and tell a story. Ómi will express fine arts with expressions of love. 
Ómi Swimwear is inspired by CEO/Creative Director Taiwo Adegoke. Her soul mission with this collection is to provide the modern day woman with a more chic and sexier look. Taiwo has always envisioned unique art being created through apparel. 

would like all of us to please go and show much support. Lets all join the movement. 

Check out the link below and enjoy my loves !! XOXO