M.O.D.E.L Status

My dreams of wanting to become a world renowned supermodel all came crashing down when I went to go see my doctor for my physical at the age of 17. My doctor measured my height to be 5’4 and told me I was done growing for the rest of my life. In shock, I said to him but I want to be tall so I can go and model for all the big name companies. He said “I'm sorry you might want to choose another profession”. 

I’m laughing on the outside but truly on the inside I was heart damn for real ?? Now what am I suppose to do with my life??? I got over it in due time and came back to reality. 

I said well if I cant be the model because of my height; I could at least dress them for the fashion shows or maybe even be a stylist to the really famous ones..Hahaha !!..All these ideas of what I was going to do next just came rushing inn like a wave. I figure okay, let me come up with a substantial plan for my life and leave it in Gods hands. Still praying and believing that he has a lot of great things in store for me. After all, he has already set my life up for greatness. So I’m holding on to him tight…xx