BET Awards 2015

Okay my loves.. Did anyone watch last night the BET Awards ?? because I honestly don't blame you if you didn't !! I was not impressed at all with the performances ...well wait..let my take that back.. I did appreciate Smokey Robinson's performance.. of course because he is a legend.. but other than that. I was NOT blown away at all especially when it came to the "Looks" of the night. The only well put together celeb on that red carpet to be honest was my boo for life..Lol.. .Karrueche Tran... She was def on point. Yes her outfit was simple but she just had this glow over her that couldn't be overlooked. So I give her a round of applause. 

My sweet sweet Nicki..Mmmmm, Uhhh I really have no words to be honest ..LOL.. she looks... I don't know y'all .. Any thoughts ?? or opinions ?? anyone because me I am like No no no HELL NO !! ..Sorry..just trying to keep it real !

Kellyyyyyy.. Okay so I lied y'all .. I know I said that Karrueche was the best dressed but honestly I  admired Kelly's outfit as well...BUT.. I did not appreciate how the makeup on her face did NOT match the rest of her body..Mmmm..No shade I promise..lmaoo.. but if your coming on the red carpet you know you got to be on point !!.. So she needs to fire her glam squad because they should have known better. #ShameOnThem..SMH

Brandy..So where has she been over the past decade?? okay NEXT !

Christyyy baby !! Okay, the jumpsuit is cute I guess.. but I wish she would have looked at other options.. Mmm I mean hey to each is own. Still got much love for her though. She has always been too beautiful to put into words.

Michelle Williams !! Ummm..I always appreciate how she always and I do mean ALWAYS keeps it classy with her  many looks especially when she comes on the red carpet. So with that being said. I have nothing BAD to say about her and this look.. Am I the biggest fan of the dress..Mmm not really but its a great color on her and I will leave it at that ladies and gents !

Okay so Chyna and Ms. Amber Rose I guess they are trying to gain the most attention on the red carpet by matching or whatever. Mmmm.. Uhhh what do I say to this ??? Lolol.. Literally I am laughing as I am typing this guys and I don't have anything GOOD or BAD to say. I am neutral with this one y'all. Once again thoughts ?? and opinions ?? are very much welcomed..

BadGal RiRi..Beautiful. I will just leave it at that. She rules when it comes to fashion whether you like her looks or nah. and its not even what she is wearing.. its the fact that she is so BOLD and INNOVATIVE with her style and she will literally put on anything and make it her own. So lets all hail the fashion queen and CFDA award winner for many years in a row. Lolol

What did my loves think about all of the looks for the night ?? Did y'all  LOVE  or HATE  the looks for the BET Awards.. Very interested to read the comments below.. Xoxoxo