OMGGGG… did y'all see how the celebrities were SLAYING last night !!  No, seriously. The red carpet was truly on fire !! I could literally feel the heat coming through my television .. Hahaha.. but no forreal the outfits were truly amazing to witness. However, only a very few stole the show

.. Can y'all take a wild guess as to who did? Well then, lets have a look….

My #BadGalRiRi, NEVER seems to disappoint us with her dressing. I will always tip my hat to her and she will always be my inspiration when it comes to fashion, because she is BOLD & DARING. She wears things that people would never think to wear on the red carpet..She commands your attention, she will never ask for it. 

"Jenny from the block".. Hahaha.. Well this dress is def not from around the way..A show stopper for JLo. She wore this dress by #Versace very well and I think this look was tastefully done. When I get to her age (which is no time soon..Lol) I can only hope and pray to have a body like that..

All hail Queen B for not only shutting down the red carpet but for also killing the competition with this dress.  She always comes hard with it. She holds the tittle QUEEN for a reason. This dress is way too yummy for words !! Now I will admit that it is very revealing but "shrugs".. on the red carpet, you have to go big or go home honey. So I will salute her and say  YASSS !!!..Hahaha

Last, but certainly not least, Kim K. stunning, stunning, absolutely STUNNING !!! She killed it as well.  This dress is simple but yet dramatic at the same time. I really love this dress and out of all the dresses displayed here. I would honestly  wear hers. Very classy and rich just how I aspire to dress in the near future... Hahaha

Which dress would you wear ?? or which dress did you like the most ??? ..xoxo